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Children's baby clothes

Having a baby is one of the most impactful experiences in a person's life. Children are complicated but also wonderful and teach us unsuspected things about ourselves, while teaching them to wear baby clothes to eat, walk and talk.

Baby boys tend to be less hard-working when it comes to dressing them in baby boy clothes than girls: they have hairs and ornaments, shoes, ruffles, skirts, baby dresses,for example, while for them the variety is not as wide.

However, what they have is also full of lovely details, so that they are always well dressed in newborn baby clothes. From birth until they cease to be those short madmen, our mission as parents is to keep them protected, give them love and prepare them for life.

Children's baby clothes

Bodies drinks

At birth, babies do not regulate their temperature, they are born wet and naked and in delivery rooms there is always a low temperature. The ability to self-regulate temperature is also born but at first they must be helped.

In fact, babies produce heat through chemical thermogenesis (or thermogenesis without shudders), i.e. they don't have chills, which is how older children and adults warm up.

Therefore, the first measure after birth is to provide them with heat; many mothers approach their chests without even cutting the umbilical cord: it's the best way to warm them up. After hygienized and examined, you have to dress them.

Bodies are perfect for protection. After the diaper, we put a body, which is a T-shirt that buckles in the crotch and can have long or short sleeves, and include legs and feet.

For newborn clothes it is indispensable as a first set. And we can choose from many colors and designs, so that our children babies are fashionable and warm. It's the first garment we should have and we'll put everything else on.

Pyjamas drinks baby peels

For the same reason, especially in winter, you have to keep them warm. The pajamas and furs better be made of cotton so they don't get irritated by their delicate skin. There are some very cheerful ones, with colorful colors and drawings of current characters.

Children's baby jeans

There are many models that adapt to the ages. When they're babies, these pants often include an elasticated waistband and crotch snaps, to make it easy and comfortable (for him and us) to change diapers. The fabrics can be denim but with some cotton mixture, so that they do not disturb them. There are long, short jeans.

Shirts baby boy long sleeves short

The designs are charming, brightly colored. The colors navy blue, black, red, with contrasting motifs usually be worn today.

They are perfect to combine with jeans or long pants, to take them for a walk or party. Short-sleeved shirts are useful in summer, when the heat tightens.

Sheep jackets baby boy

There's nothing more tender than baby kids dressed in winter jackets. We can buy two of different colors (neutral better) to be able to combine all your clothes. Hooded designs are more protective, and the fabric should be soft and warm.

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