Children's Clothing

Children's sets

In children's clothing there are thousands of combinations to dress our little ones. Children's clothing sets can be great and totally fashionable. The functional and practical doesn't have to be at odds with the aesthetics. The models we offer range from children's outfits. boy's jackets and trousers (in all sizes, from 3 to 36 months) to boy's T-shirts and shorts for a more summery and casual look.

Children's clothing sets

Children's clothing

The kids' tracksuits are very comfortable at any age, and there are combinations of jackets and sports pants that freak out. For winter times and low temperatures, offers of children's clothing are very varied. The trousers in these tracksuits have elastic rubber at the waist to adjust the waist, and the hoodies are long-sleeved and hooded, warm and thick plush, special for the cold. The cuffs and hems of the trousers have elastic finishes for more comfortable use. There are different colors and sizes, hoodies with or without hood, with or without zip at the front, and fabrics can be combinations in various percentages of cotton and polyester. These baby clothing sets are great for taking them for a walk when the thermometer goes down.

Children's sets for summer

These sets are made of lighter fabrics, and T-shirts or shirts can come with suspenders, round neck or V-neck, or with short sleeves. The most notable features are that they are combinations of shorts or shorts, of varied and soft fabrics and elastic at the waist. They belong to the sports line, especially the sets that have tank tops.

There are other something more elegant, shirts and shorts, 100% cotton, that serve to dress them on more special occasions, in spring and summer.

Party boy's clothes

There is a whole spectacular range for events where our babies can attend and live up to it. For example, suits including boy pants, boy shirt,vest and tie, 100% cotton, combined colors (white and grey, black and white, white and blue), and sizes are available for 12 and 36 months. They'll look lovely.

There are others not so elegant but equally charming, such as baby clothing sets for the little ones, who bring feet to protect them better from the cold, and long-sleeved, thick-plush jackets too.

Children's clothing: shorts and shirts

When the temperature improves, they are ideal sets that combine lightweight fabrics (composed of cotton and polyester, 65/35% or 80/20%) with functional designs, which allow them to crawl or walk in total comfort. Softer fabrics also help them to breathe, so it is important that the textile composition has more cotton ratio than polyester, and even better if they are completely cotton.

In the case of shorts and shorts it is also important because in addition to being soft, these fabrics help babies move more comfortably, not counting that they are easy to wash and iron. There are countless combinations so that our babies are well dressed on any occasion, fashionable and protected from the environment.

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