Children 2 to 10 years old

Children's clothing

Children grow up, hopelessly. And with them her little clothes. That's why many mothers and fathers buy children's clothes according to some parameters: that it is of quality, that it lasts long enough and that it is not excessively expensive.

Considering that many garments are rarely used because children grow up, it is normal to buy them clothes that are a little loose, so that they can wear them longer. And that works from the age of 2 to 10.

Children's clothes that are fashionable

Both girls' clothing and boys' clothing,as they grow and are larger, need different garments. In addition, from the age of 5 or little else, they start choosing what they want to wear (it is a recommended strategy for them to learn to have initiative and decide for themselves).

Girl dresses, skirts and blouses

Ideally, you should buy them clothes according to the season. There are summer skirts, soft cotton fabric, with ruffles very fashionable today. In summer, the girls' clothes and dresses are light, breathable and comfortable. In winter, fabrics will need to be thicker and more suitable to protect from the cold.

Dresses in summer tend to avoid sleeves, usually have suspenders for comfort and freshness, and are made of cotton. There are beautiful models that combine fabrics, and serve for events and children's parties.

There are ruffles, sailor-style stripes, empire style, and colors ranging from the most classic white and pink to more modern and bold designs with strong colors such as violet and black that, combined with white, create spectacular garments for girls.

There are for all tastes, skirts, blouses and dresses girl from 2 to 10 years old, with which to feel good and fashionable.

Children's trousers

Dressing boys is perhaps more comfortable for mothers: although there are a lot of models, boys' clothing is simpler than for girls.

Until about 5 years, long and short trousers usually have elastication at the waist (of any fabric, plush, dentil, corduroy...) to better fit and serve them longer.

There are them in all colors, beige, black, gray, green, up to red, and there are also a variety of models of jeans or jeans.

Swimsuits girl

Girls' swimsuits are usually one or 2 pieces. One-piece or jerseys are very comfortable when they are smaller girls, as there is no risk of falling off the top.

When they're older, they like 2-piece ones more, bikinis. Likewise, the variety of models and colors is very wide, and the fabrics are mixture of polyester and elastane so that the saltpeter or iodine does not deteriorate them.

For children's swimsuits, bermuda is preferred.

Child pajamas

Made of cotton or wool, depending on the season, children's pajamas are comfortable and practical: they shelter them in winter because the trousers and sleeves are long, and in winter they are fresh because the fabrics are lighter and are composed of shorts and short sleeves.

Pajamas are also fashionable, with motifs of superheroes or fashionable characters.

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