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Coats and anoraks

This section is especially dedicated to low temperatures. Between baby boy baby coats and baby fashion anoraks I wouldn't know which one to decide because the two garments are very useful and cute. But let's specify a little.

Baby Boy Coats

Coats are, as the name implies, clothing that shelters, which are placed above the rest of the baby clothes to complement the protection. Coats include jackets, parkas and anoraks,although parkas are outside baby options. The sheep jackets are ideal for keeping them warm, have hoods for comfort (and not having to wear beanie) and can be thick plush, or mixtures of aldogon and viscose, or polyester and viscose. They are usually best suited for smaller babies. There are all colors, and in our store you will get various designs, perfect for the occasions when you need to take your baby out and shelter it in the best way. Other models, such as windbreakers, are used in places where it rains frequently (obviously we don't take our babies out when it rains, but when they're older sometimes you need to have a garment like this). In fact, the one we have in our store is for children from 1 year to 3, with 100% cotton lining and 100% polyester cover, which protects it from wind and light rain.

Very comfortable, for both sexes, with removable hood and a contrasting lining. In addition, on the front comes a zipper. The fabric is lightweight and breathable that provides the child with adequate protection. Another option in baby clothes coats is the padded jacket, suitable for lower temperatures. It is made of 100% polyester and filled with guata, which makes it a very comfortable garment. The hood is just like the rest of the jacket, and the zipper reaches the neck. Other models are lighter, lower density coats for more benevolent temperatures, and are an essential part of the baby's wardrobe, especially if we live in cold or mountain areas.

Anoraks Baby Fashion

When we talk about anoraks we mean those garments that as a jacket protect from cold, wind and rain. The hood is usually bordered by skin (nowadays imitation, of course) to warm up even more. While the current anorak derives from the original Inuit or Eskimo, it is no longer made with caribou skin but from synthetic skins stuffed with guata, and reach the waist or a little lower. The originals had no front opening, the current ones are zipped.

The models of anoraks fashion babies are really beautiful and very well crafted to offer the little ones adequate protection for the cold. They are usually made of 100% polyester and filled with guata. This padding serves as an insulator and are currently quite thin and light, like the Nordics; this means that in volume they are not appliances and it is not necessary to wash them with water at high temperatures (at 30o is the maximum). Everything you need to properly shelter your baby we have, enjoy our online store, with the models that benefit your child the most.

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