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Baby clothes

Baby clothes today cover a myriad of clothes and accessories that until a few years ago mothers did not even consider buying from their children. But what hasn't changed is to provide you with a comfortable, functional ropita and, of course, the opportunity to dress them in fashion.

It is not necessary, of course, but also in the children's world there are trends. Either way, this trend not only means "being fashionable" for following specific designs and colors, but for giving our babies quality clothes that last and that are appropriate fabrics, that don't bother them, irritate their skin or hurt them.

There is a wide range to choose from(baby boy or girl clothing), and among the first purchases we suggest that they be made up to 6 months. We want to provide a mini guide to what baby clothes are needed in the first few months of life.

Baby clothes: what we need to know

Many parents want to know the sex of their baby to start buying her first things, and grandmothers, aunts, friends and the whole environment wants to do the same, so it is often essential to make a list of what you actually want and need for the baby.

As for clothing, there is the convention of girl and boy colors (pink and blue, for example), but there is a whole range of "intermediate colors" that you can play with in case you don't like typical colors; Also according to the seasons, you can choose both shades and types of fabric.

In the specific case of baby clothes (up to 6 months), our recommendations always go for maximum comfort for the baby and protect it.


They are very comfortable garments for the baby. They are T-shirts that have snaps or buttons on the crotch, and can have long or short sleeves.

They are ideal for the first few months and form the basis for dressing them. We'll check that they're completely cotton. Choose light colors (although with the usual spots of babies this can be a nuisance to wash them).


For babies they are called ducklings, and although many pediatricians recommend not putting them on, it is advisable to do so in the colder months and if you leave home.

The reason some pediatricians don't recommend them is that the skin is the body's largest organ and through it babies explore the world. If they have all covered up we'll be depriving them of that very important experience, so put socks or ducklings on them only when you go out, at home leave it with nothing (heated, of course).

Pants or dresses

Baby girl or boy clothing, and baby clothing 0 months and up to 6 months, consists of many accessories and garments, such as furs, hats, frogs, but also other clothing that serves you "for a walk".

In the case of pants for both sexes, it is recommended that you combine them with the bodies and have feet for added protection. They should also be 100% cotton. In the case of dresses, try not to be very flat and rather warm (if winter runs) or cool (if summer passes).

Either way, remember that babies can't regulate their body temperature themselves, so both parents should be vigilant about this issue.

Other accessories

Blankets are very important: cotton or wool – which does not irritate your skin – for the stroller, crib or car. You must have one at home, in your car and in your purse. Bibs, mittens and towels, as well as special garments for those photography sessions for souvenir: bow tie shirts or dresses with heaters.

All so your baby is protected and well dressed.

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