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The frogs and baby bags are wonderful garments with which to dress our boys, baby girlclothes are of the most practical and there are also designs and models to go crazy about how precious they are. If you want the right outfit for your baby we have what you are looking for, from the most classic to the most daring and fun. But do you know what baby frogs and petos are? Well, we explain, if you're a first-time mother or father (when you don't have children there's no reason to know certain things).

Baby frogs

They are light, full-length garments that leave your legs in the air. There is also a type of baby frog called indoors, which are a kind of panties that are put on the baby, boy or girl, to cover the diaper and hold it (of course, with disposable diapers and adherable fit are no longer necessary the dangerous must-haves of other eras). These indoor frogs have a slightly longer shot and are pangers. In these cases, they are combined with cotton t-shirts before the fur is placed.

Baby frogs

they can have short or long sleeves, necks of different shape (round or V) in the same color of the body, but also contrasting with other shades or types of fabric, depending on fashion trends. They are cotton to give more comfort to the baby. Usually the opening is from the back, but that depends on the models, as it can also be done by the crotch. Sometimes the sleeves are elastic to be more comfortable. The models range from typical boys and girls to unisex, with varied and neutral tones. It seems to me that it is the perfect garment for summer: first the diaper, then the body (without legs and suspenders) and then the frog, than better if it is fresh fabric. And if the heat tightens, then without the body. Although in winter they can also be used by putting a leotard under the underneath and a long-sleeved bodysuit (but with this practicality is going to fall apart). Frogs are more functional if chosen without frowns, bows, jars or any of these ornaments. A good color design will be enough for our little one to be chic and super comfortable.

Baby pets

On the other hand, the breasts are shorts that have a top that covers the chest and are joined by suspenders, fastened with buckles, buttons or snaps. They can be short or long. If they are long, they are more suitable for winter, autumn and spring, and shorts for summer – of course it will depend on the fabric in which they are made. They can be found in countless different colors, textures and fabrics, counting, of course, the classic pana. However, not everyone opens up in the crotch, so they can become a headache when it comes to changing their diapers. In any case, we will have to look for what best suits, both for the comfort of the little boy and ours. Baby frogs and petos are wonderful for your first months and years of life.

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