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Newborn girl furs are the most necessary and versatile garments to dress babies. They are comfortable and practical and for daily use.

What are newborn pellets?

Furs are a comfortable garment that is put on the baby (to be at home or take him out for a walk, but above all to sleep), and that covers legs, arms and pieces; give him complete freedom of movement.

They are usually made with natural fibers, such as cotton or wool (better cotton if they are very small, so that their skin is not irritated). They open front or back and crotch and close with square brackets; that makes it much easier to change his diapers, even when he's asleep. They are still made of knitting (wool, crochet or crochet), although the tendency is to make them fabric. They are of the essential garments in any basket of newborn clothing, andin any children's wardrobe. It is one-piece and always covers legs and arms (summer models do not include feet, because of the heat).

Main features of newly born knit pellets

They are usually for newborn babies and up to 18 months old, so they usually integrate the feet. Depending on the season, ideally they are plush or cotton, or a synthetic mixture. The cuffs have elastics to attach to the wrists, although not always. They are placed on a cotton body or t-shirt (if we are not in summer) and are a type of clothing with which the baby can spend the day at home.

If we go outside, it is advisable to put a padded fur in order to keep it as warm as possible, especially if they are babies under 3 months old. When it starts crawling, it is normal for them to wear reinforcements on their knees, because of the wear of the fabric with the floor.

To sleep, it is advisable that the newly born knit pellets are warm and soft to the touch, and keep in your room a proper temperature. Covering it with a wool or cotton blanket is a good idea so that the heat doesn't escape and get sick (remember that babies are very vulnerable, so we have to take extreme precautions). For both first-set and children up to 3 years old, pellets are the most comfortable option when sleeping or putting practical clothes on at home. Of course, when you're already learning to walk, it's not highly recommended that you have your feet covered.

In this case it is better to opt for models without feet, since through the feet children also explore the surrounding world, and learn by contact of the floor with the skin. We already know that the skin is the largest organ of the body, and for children everything is a new experience. On the best day without integrated feet, and at night, fight to cover them. In summer it is also not advisable to dress them very covered, the heat can be really suffocating.

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